2025 Dodge Dart Concept, Colors, Release Date

2025 Dodge Dart Concept, Colors, Release Date – The 2025 Dodge Dart, which will replace the Caliber, is a relatively fresh venture for the American automaker. It competes with renowned opponents such as the Volkswagen Jetta or the Toyota Corolla. That means it must work even harder to truly compete with its rivals.

Fortunately, it is a valiant endeavor to do so. Only one of the three available powertrain configurations can stake claim to true sportiness. It has a spacious interior and is economical on gas, making it the ideal option for those purchasing with a couple in mind. But does it eclipse significantly more popular alternatives? Possibly not, as this is its final year of production.

2025 Dodge Dart Redesign

Exterior Design

This 2025 Dodge Dart appears to have been designed by a mother who was tasked with creating a subdued and family-friendly variant of the Charger. In terms of safety, it does not have the exterior aspect of a typical sedan. Its rear fascia stands out due to the full-frame LED taillights, which are reminiscent of much more potent and emblematic Dodge vehicles. Two chrome-coated exhaust outlets protrude from the diffuser to create an edgier appearance than is necessary.

2025 Dodge Dart Exterior

2025 Dodge Dart Exterior

The front of the vehicle is not especially aggressive, but its design makes it appear more expansive and closer to the surface than it actually is. There are also plenty of external colors to select from, which are best investigated through the brochures’ images. The dimensions of the Dart are 183.9 inches in length and 106.4 inches in wheelbase. It is 72 inches wide and weighs between 3,186 and 3,215 pounds at the kerb.

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Interior Design

As a family-oriented sedan, the Dodge Dart 2025 is on the roomier side of things. Nevertheless, the cabin reveals its affordable values. There are a few traces of hard plastics, but the upholstery is reasonable and resilient. Unavoidably, noise made by the hood will manifest within the interior, but not to a level as to compromise the experience.

2025 Dodge Dart Interior

2025 Dodge Dart Interior

Even taller adults can find an appropriate place to sit in the front, as the seating is sufficiently supportive and comfortable for extended journeys. There is a remarkable amount of storage space within the cabin, thanks to the deep door pouches and numerous storage bins. As for cargo space, there is 13.1 cubic meters of space behind the next row for carrying backpacks or briefcases.

2025 Dodge Dart Engine

There are three available powertrains for the 2025 Dodge Dart. Since it is impossible to have both power and gasoline economy under one hood, you must choose between the two. The base engine is a four-cylinder who displaces two liters and generates 160 horsepower and 148 lb-ft. It is the most sluggish of all three and must be revved frantically to reach its full potential.

2025 Dodge Dart Engine

2025 Dodge Dart Engine

The turbocharged 1.4-liter engine produces the same amount of horsepower, but significantly more torque. This unit prioritizes efficiency, but some power can be unlocked at speeds above 3,000 rpm. The superior engine is the 2.4-liter, 184-horsepower unit. It is considerably more refined and simpler to operate. Each engine is compatible with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Notably, a 1.4L turbo is available with a dual-clutch transmission.

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2025 Dodge Dart Release Date And Price

Depending to the trim you choose, the 2025 Dodge Dart price ranges from extremely inexpensive to relatively affordable. In 2025, the base price began at $17,700, whilst the most expensive model cost around $20,000 from the dealer’s lot. In 2020, used vehicles can be purchased for between $8,000 and $12,000.

The all-new Dodge Dart serves as a good all-around vehicle due to its broad range of engine options and roomy interior, however it pales compared to the competitors in 2025 in the United States. Obviously, its most pricey form has potential, but it relies on what you’re prepared to spend. Nonetheless, there is some explanation why Dodge has decided to discontinue it after this year.